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Models / Tracy Lindsay

Avg Rating: 4.9

Tracy Lindsay Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 6"
Age:  24
Measurements:  35 B - 25 - 37
Fun Fact:  The kinkiest thing that Tracy has ever done was to peg a guy! Her biggest fantasy is to be in a gang bang ... but she admits the she wouldn't actually want to try it - she just likes to fantasize about it as a turn on. Sorry fellas!

The first time Tracy has an orgasm was using a hand shower when she was very young. She now masturbates about every other day using her toys, and she usually has about 3 orgasms per session! Her personal favourite toy is her Hitachi.

Tracy's favourite asset are her lips - they are naturally full! Her favourite sex position is doggy style as the deep penetration feels good, and she can rub her clit at the same time. She hopes one day she'll be able to cum without the added clitoral stimulation.

Tracy Lindsay Updates

Tracy Lindsay ~ Immersed
Tracy Lindsay
7 min of video
Tracy Lindsay really seems to be immersed in pleasure as she works the wand. There was some "uncertainty" in the last view of this scene so perhaps this may help, although I didn't spot any big snapping contractions. Still, a nice shelfie IMHO ;-)

Tags: Blondes, Coed / Legal Teen, Cooch Cam, Fingering
Tracy Lindsay ~ Ecstasy
Tracy Lindsay
6 min of video
Even though this is a very similar camera position to Tracy Lindsay's original "Whoa" scene, it still is a shelfie I thought worthwhile ... wet pussy, pulsating orgasm, responsive nipples, and generally a hot babe in ecstasy ... hmmmm ... Yeah, baby (said like Austin Powers)!!

Tags: Blondes, Coed / Legal Teen, Contractions, Cooch Cam
Tracy Lindsay ~ More Show
Tracy Lindsay
6 min of video
It's been a while since we featured Tracy Lindsay's "The Show" and we finally stumbled across the stationary camera, closeup view to definitively determine how this went for her ;-). She gets really nice and wet too!

Tags: Blondes, Close up, Cooch Cam, Magic Wand
Tracy Lindsay ~ Denim
Tracy Lindsay
68 Photos
These look like real denim shorts this time, but they are still tiny ... and ripped ;-). Nevertheless, Tracy takes them off (and everything else), and settles in with the Fairy Mini wand.

Tags: Blondes, Close up, Coed / Legal Teen, Lingerie / Panties
Tracy Lindsay ~ Flushed
Tracy Lindsay
9 min of video
Tracy Lindsay puts on a bit of her usual striptease show, but when she gets into it with the Hitachi, she's all in ... Yeah, she's a bit of a screamer. But her perky nipples, wet pussy, and the way she hangs on to the big vibe when she is coming makes this pretty sexy imho!

Tags: Bondage, Close up, Coed / Legal Teen, Lingerie / Panties
Tracy Lindsay ~ Shortie
Tracy Lindsay
71 Photos
Tracy Lindsay is looking really sexy as she peels off her clothes, eventually putting her naked buttox on a high leather chair ... I dig the camel toe profile against the black leather ;-).

Tags: Blondes, Close up, Coed / Legal Teen, Dildo
Tracy Lindsay ~ Hang On
Tracy Lindsay
12 min of video
Tracy Lindsay likes to show herself off, and she does indeed have a lot to show! I know that the striptease is something you all would like to minimize, but she wanted to do it ... so ... here you go! When she's all done, Tracy opts for the Fairy Mini to get her off and that leaves...

Tags: Blondes, Coed / Legal Teen, Lingerie / Panties, Magic Wand
Tracy Lindsay ~ Alluring
Tracy Lindsay
60 Photos
Tracy Lindsay clearly has a lot of fun modeling ... and why not? She certainly has the assets for it ... :-P And she has that naughty half-smile too!

Tags: Blondes, Coed / Legal Teen, Lingerie / Panties, Magic Wand
Tracy Lindsay ~ The Show
Tracy Lindsay
11 min of video
This time Tracy Lindsay does more of a striptease, taking her time to literally peel parts of her clothing off. She hops up onto a bar stool and after some pussy play, she gets more serious with the magic wand. Her orgasm contractions are not definitive (for lack of a better way...

Tags: Blondes, Coed / Legal Teen, Fingering, Lingerie / Panties
Tracy Lindsay ~ Her Hotness
Tracy Lindsay
64 Photos
Tracy Lindsay looks really hot as she removes every stitch of fabric from her tight body ... nice natural breasts, nice butt - it's all good ;-). I also find it particularly sexy when a woman sits with her legs apart and her "bits" firmly contacting the seat :-p ...

Tags: Blondes, Close up, Magic Wand, Natural Breasts
Tracy Lindsay ~ Whoa
Tracy Lindsay
7 min of video
Ok, ok, ok ... (said like Joe Pesci again) ... so while Tracy isn't a snapper, she clearly enjoys what she is doing. Don't get me wrong, her orgasms visible, but with everything else going on "down there", you have to watch carefully. I started seeing little twitching / contracting...

Tags: Coed / Legal Teen, Contractions, Magic Wand, Natural Breasts