Faye is a finger masturbator - just rubbing her clit in a circular motion with her finger will make her cum ...
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We are constantly making new real female orgasm videos available to our members ... each and every one of them showing women really cumming, genuine and unscripted! These pictures are from actual screenshots of videos recently uploaded to our Member Area.



Hot and horny Katy Moore plays with her pussy through her panties

Lip Flapping & Pussy Snapping

Katy Moore is a natural blonde with pussy lips that "flap" while she is masturbating ;-) When she cums, wow ... her pussy pulsates and spasms as her abdominal muscles contract in synch!!

Buzzing her clitoris with a vibrator brings Katy to a lip flapping, pussy snapping orgasm

Finger Masturbation

Liz Tyler wants to have an orgasm for breakfast ... so she lays back on the dining table and starts rubbing her clit with just her fingers. She also enjoys her finger in her ass, which pushes her over the edge to a nice strong orgasm.

Liz Tyler relaxes on the dining table in her sexy lingerie
Rubbing her clit with just her fingers
Enjoying a nice strong orgasm for breakfast

Kitty Kat looks closely at Rio Lee's pussy while she masturbates with the wand

Kitty Kat is so aroused that she grabs the wand and gets herself off

Double Trouble!

Rio Lee and Kitty Kat both enjoy a little girl-girl fun, which was very obvious in this shoot! There is nothing like women really cumming to prove this. The girls masturbate together - Kitty Kat closely watching Rio Lee's pussy as she cums with the wand ... and that gets her so aroused that she grabs the wand and brings herself to a pussy pulsating orgasm!

Lacey Masturbating in the Bathroom

After her shower, Lacey is really in the mood to get off ... she uses her Rabbit vibrator on her big lipped pussy before switching to her bullet vibe which gives her a pussy pulsating orgasm!

Lacey in ecstasy
Working that rabbit on her pussy
Cumming hard once again

Public masturbation is her thing ... so Claudia Rossi masturbates outside

Going For the "O" Outside!

It doesn't take long for Claudia Rossi to make herself cum, so just for the thrill of it she decides to masturbate on the patio. She has a nice and strong snapping orgasm too!

Claudi buzzing her clit to orgasm with a pocket rocket

Playful and frisky Sasha Cane goes for multiple orgasms

Cotton Panties, Camel Toes & Multiple Orgasms

Sasha Cane is back - frisky & playful as always. After a fun and sexy little strip tease showing off her cotton panties and camel toe effect, she gives the buzzer a ride doggystyle! Rolling over onto her back, she switches to a bullet style buzzer vibe that works it's magic at least 3 times for this brunette babe!

Roxy la Roux getting herself worked up with a baton vibe

The Orgasm Chair ...

This wasn't Roxy's first orgasm of the day ... and it wasn't going to be her last either :-) Watch as Roxy gets herself all worked up by teasing her body with the baton vibe. It doesn't take much before she is cumming hard!

Playing with her silky panites on her pussy and clit
Watch her full body reactions as her pussy spasms and contracts during her orgasm

Brooke Jameson's Snapper

Brooke Jameson really does have a snapper :-) And she is totally comfortable masturbating in front of other people ... in fact, knowing that it turns on her audience makes her even hotter!

Pussy Servicing :-)

Hannah Shaw wanted "just a little more", so our camera man offered to lend a helping hand! He enjoys being in total control of her pleasure, and teases her to a powerful, very visible orgasm!

Hannah Shaw wants just a little more, so she asks for a helping hand
Pussy contractions and spasms as she reaches her orgasm

Multiple Squirting Orgasms

We had no idea that Tequila Woods is a squirter ... and I don't think she wanted us to know either, but at the height of arousal and ecstasy it's not something she can control (thankfully!). She enjoys her rabbit vibrator, stimulating her clit with the "ears" and occasionally inserting it into her vagina - she really takes her time and enjoys the feeling ... and she has several squirting orgasms, too! Watch her pussy pulsate rhymically as she orgasms and squirts!!


Test Driving the (Very Effective) SpinGasm!

The brand new SpinGasm is a toy that had not been "tested" by our girls. Holly Kiss very happily volunteered to be our SpinGasm guinea pig! The SpinGasm rocketed her to multiple orgasms, several times! You should see the satisfied look on Holly's face when she is all done and playing with her red, engorged, and very wet pussy!

Holly Kiss tries out the brand new SpinGasm with Multi-Orgasmic results

Newcummer Nikita!

This is Nikita's first shoot for us ... she strips out of her clothes, and starts playing with her clit. Nikita gets busy with her favourite vibrating dildo, puts it to her clit, and before long she is cumming hard ...

Nikita playing with her wet pussy
She brings out her pink dildo and puts it to her clit
After masturbating solo, the vibrating toy on her clit makes her cum hard

Jess West sucks on Lola Lyx's nipple as they get undressed

Lola makes Jess cum with a baton vibrator

Lola Lyx Get's Jess West Off (Again!!)

Jess West and Lola Lyx really enjoy each other (both on and off screen!) really knowing their way around each other's bodies! After playing around with each other for our benefit, Lola takes control of the baton vibe on Jess' pussy! Jess is super orgasmic, so it takes no time before Jess' pussy is pulsating and contracting - HARD!


Just a Quickie!

Isabella is most definitely a MILF. A very horny one who has some extremely strong pussy contractions when she cums! Watch her masturbate solo to a quick, satisfying, and very powerful orgasm!

Isabella has a quick orgasm with extremely strong pussy contractions
Paige Ashley has enormous breasts and is extremely fast to orgasm Butt in the air, Paige likes to masturbate doggy style
Ass puckering and pussy snapping orgasms ensue ...

Cumming Doggy Style

Paige Ashley is a big breasted, hot babe that can cum on a dime! And one orgasm usually is not enough ... this time she masturbates to an ass puckering, pussy pulsating, orgasm -
doggy style!

Cumming Under the Faucet

Liz Tyler loves her bathtub! There is nothing quite like simply relaxing in the tub, legs apart under the tap, and letting the falling water from the faucet hit her directly on her clitoris :-)

After cumming hard (with every abdominal contraction clearly visible), Liz stands up playing with her her dripping, stringy, pussy juices for the camera! No doubt about it: Liz loves to relax in the tub.

Liz Tyler letting the water from the faucet in the bath stimulate her clit
After her orgasm, she shows just how dripping wet her pussy is.

Koko Goes Solo

Big breasted, Asian, Koko has a really nice and large button clitoris ... it is not hard to find when when she pulls out her pocket rocket!

She expertly teases her pussy and clit with the small vibrator until she is squealing and spasming in ecstasy - her pussy pulsating and contracting with her orgasm!

Big breasted, Asian Koko masturbates solo with the pocket rocket

Toe Curling & Pussy Pulsating

Evey Kristal is getting ready for a bath ... but she there is still one thing she wants to do first. She prepares her spot, grabs her toy, and masturbates to a great toe curling orgasm!

Buzzing One Out

The silkiness of Gina's nightie feels really good on her skin, and it really increases her "awareness". It isn't long before her hand slips into her panties ... and the rest is history! Not to mention a great orgasm!

Gina on the bed in her satin nightie, all horny and filled with desire to get off
Close up of Gina using a vibrator on her clit.  She really has very small pussy lips!
Gina goes over the edge of ecstasy and has a strong orgasm.  we love to watch women cumming!

Jess West masturbates to orgasm in public

Masturbating to Orgasm in Public

Jess West likes the thrill ... and she can cum extremely quickly, too. So she hikes her skirt, sits on a blanket, and masturbates to orgasm - all in a public park!

She is a quick cummer and usually has multiple orgasms to satisfy her

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