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Resolution & Other Considerations


After orgasm many women cannot bear continued direct stimulation of the clitoris and/or vulva (and even the breasts in some cases) and so pass into a resolution phase. But if the stimulation is maintained at a low level until the sensitivity subsides, often by avoiding direct clitoral contact, many women can have a second or even numerous extra orgasms after the first one, separated by a minute or so. After a few orgasms it seems that clitoral sensitivity subsides and continued stimulation is possible. We concede that multiple orgasms may not be a universal phenomenon for all women. It is likely that the sometimes painful, postorgasmic sensitivity of the clitoris stops many women from trying for multiple orgasms.

Multi-orgasmicity in men is possible but exceedingly rare.

In early resolution there may be one or more infrequent contractions of the perineal muscles and anal sphincter that feel pleasurable (often referred to as aftershocks), but basically this is a time when the swelling of the breast and genitals slowly subsides over a period of many minutes (often about 20 mins). Failure to reach orgasm after reaching plateau can be very uncomfortable for some women because there has been no trigger to start the vascular decongestion of the genitals.

The Effects of Medications

Viagra and other similar drugs that activate the nitrous oxide neurotransmission system which seems to be particularly associated with the genital area, can have very similar effects in men and women. In men they can produce erection (with appropriate mental stimulus usually). In women they cause (often spectacular) genital swelling and lubrication.

Several, mainly anti-depressant, drugs (e.g. Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbutrin) are reported to have caused spontaneous orgasms in women but they do not affect men the same way - in these cases the orgasm can even sometimes be brought on voluntarily by yawning! On the other hand and perhaps more commonly, these drugs often prohibit orgasms in both women and men.

The Orgasm Nerve

The "orgasm nerve" is only known in women and was discovered accidentally during a conscious spinal operation. Stimulating it causes an instant orgasm. No such nerve has been found in men, though interestingly, paraplegic men can have orgasms and ejaculate either by extreme penile stimulation or by intense electrostimulation of the prostate region (via the rectum). In the latter case the subject has to be under general anaesthetic as the stimulation levels would otherwise be agonising.


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