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  Variety truly is the spice of life Stimulation, Arousal, and the Reactions Variations in the Vagina The Female Orgasm Explained!      
Arousal & Plateau


The excitement phase which is often induced by visual stimulation or just thought alone demonstrates the characteristics described here.

Her nipples often become erect and her clitoris also becomes turgid and expands a little (though not much). This may result in her clitoris becoming a bit more visible in women with medium to large ones.

Clitoral erection, more properly called tumescence, is due to increased arterial blood flow to the clitoris and reduced venous drainage. This is essentially identical to the process of penile erection but the degree of expansion is much less and involves little change in length, although the change in thickness and turgidity of the long clitoral shaft is very easily appreciated to the touch.

Increasing heart rate and blood pressure, and increasing genital blood flow result in gradual expansion of the inner and outer labia, and in vaginal lubrication. Vaginal lubrication results mostly from a process called transudation. Transudation occurs when the increased blood flow (vasocongestion) of the vaginal wall causes blood and lymphatic fluids to be forced through the tissue into the vagina where it appears as many tiny sweat-like drops on the vaginal walls. Additional vaginal lubrication comes from the cervix which is well-supplied with mucous glands. The amount and thickness of a woman's vaginal lubrication may well depend on her stage in the menstrual cycle primarily as this causes changes in the cervical mucous.

There is also lubrication of the inner lips (labia minora) resulting from glandular secretions from the mucous membranes and possibly from the Skene's glands (paraurethral glands) that open at two small, sometimes quite visible, pores, one on either side of the urethral opening (at 5 and 7 o'clock if the genitals are arranged with clitoris at 12 o'clock).

As the arousal continues, the swelling of the labia causes the inner lips to part and spread outwards thus making the opening of the vagina more obvious. The increased blood flow causes the woman's genitals to change colour, from flesh tones to at least pinkish, but in women who have had children (it isn't clear if pregnancy alone causes this or if actual childbirth is important) the colour change can be more extreme and her genitals can become almost a deep wine red. The colour of the vaginal walls also changes in the same way.

Internally the vaginal cavity expands and the inner two thirds can form a rather large space; evolutionarily this is probably to produce a cavity in which to keep sperm in close proximity to the cervix so as not simply run out after the male has shed his load. On the other hand, the outer third of the vagina (the introitus) becomes tighter due to the increased blood flow to the region (reported as a corpus spongiosum i.e. similar tissue to that in the penis and clitoris). Internally the position of the uterus moves causing the vagina to elongate, and the position of the cervix changes. Collectively these changes in the internal vaginal arrangement are often referred to as "tenting".

Late in the excitement phase the breasts are reported to swell, though it is hard to find detailed measurements of these changes.

Barbii just going over the edge to her orgasm

Moments after this picture was taken, Jewels had a nice and powerful pulsating orgasm


The plateau is the final phase of excitement when basically all excitement parameters are at their heights. She is waiting to get herself over the edge, usually focusing her thoughts very much on her genitals or other things that arouse her. At this time spontaneous contractions of the anal sphincter, and muscles in the upper legs and pelvic region are common, and increased semi-involuntary movements of the hips usually indicates the imminence of orgasm.


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