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Speculum Orgasms

Speculum Orgasms
Our fans and customers alike know real orgasms are our specialty … and sometimes we like to get it as close as it can possibly be! This DVD features a series of some of our best cummers inserting speculums deep into their pussies to give us the low-down on those squeezing, clamping, wall contractions!

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Liz Tyler is feeling frisky! Wearing black panties with a pink and black opaque top, Liz plays with her pussy through the panties for a bit. She removes her panties, fingering her butt and rubbing her clit. Liz applies a generous amount of lube to a white plastic speculum, gliding and spreading the clear liquid all over her cooch. Liz inserts the speculum deep into her pussy, opening and spreading the walls of her pussy. Liz finger rubs her clit, then reaches down to insert a finger into her vagina before realizing just how far apart her pussy walls are now spread. Liz turns on her pink buzzy vibe and starts working that little toy on her clit. This scene is filmed by Liz’s partner, and he does a nice job of alternating between full body views and close-up perspectives. After a few minutes of playing with the toy, Liz rolls over onto her knees to buzz her clit doggie style – yes, the speculum is still inserted in her pussy. It doesn’t take long until Liz is saying, “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum!” And she does! There are several very big internal contractions, then her anus puckers quite quickly as she rides out a nice big orgasm! Liz rolls over onto her back to remove the speculum, but she continues to play with herself – almost fisting her pussy – at least four fingers go in there anyway! Liz then re-adjusts her position on the bed and pulls her chocolate-colored dildo from beneath a pillow. She inserts that one into her pussy, then reaches for her flesh toned dildo and inserts both of them into her vagina at the same time. Liz works them both in and out, then inserts the pink vibe into her butt. Is this considered triple penetration? After a few moments, Liz removes the pink vibe and starts to use that on her clit as she continues to work the double dildos in and out of her pussy. It’s not long before Liz says, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum!” She pulls the two toys out, juices flowing, with just the tip of the pink vibe on her clit as she says, “I’m cumming. Oh, yes.” She queefs a bit, too – after all that action going on down there. Liz takes a few moments to recover after all that.

Tullulah told the camera man that she likes speculums and even has her own - so without further ado Tullulah is seated legs up in the chair for this close-up speculum orgasm. The camera is looking straight at her cervix and the little circular hole tells us that she hasn't given birth. She'd been playing a while as the speculum was inserted so even at the start there's a rivulet of pussy juice past her anus heading for the cushion. Tullulah has lots of tattoos – with her fingers marked and her bottom and thigh, too. The pocket rocket is being jiggled against the side of her clit hood and we soon see her anus having spontaneous little contractions. With increasing levels of arousal her anal contractions become more regular and the pussy juice reaches the chair, finally her orgasm is signalled by the regular train of pulses, her cries and her cervix jumping in unison. Panning back we see her utterly orgasmically exhausted face.

Brunette, chatty, Penelope is trying out the speculum next! Penelope is sitting on the sofa getting ready to insert a speculum into her vagina. She lubes her pussy with lots of cold, wet, “spunk- feeling” stuff. She says she is getting kind of excited thinking about inserting the speculum. She inserts the speculum and slides her bottom forward so that we can see inside her pussy. She pushes on the speculum to open it wide as she reaches for the egg-style vibrator. It’s pretty obvious that Penelope likes things inside her pussy, too. Penelope gets the speculum inserted to a hands-free position, then starts using the egg vibrator in earnest – with lots of lube, because she likes it really wet. While this is a speculum scene, I should mention that the camera angle provided here is full body. We can see all of Penelope seated on the sofa with the speculum inserted into her vagina, but we do not see just the inside of her vagina in this angle. Penelope narrates as she masturbates and just when she gets really going, the speculum pops out! She just re-inserts the speculum and gets back to enjoying the vibe again. Penelope’s hips are rocking up and down as she pushes off the edge of the sofa with one foot and uses the vibe on her clit. As the build-up occurs, Penelope narrates and let’s us know that she is “going to cum”. While, I can’t detect the classic contractions, she apparently does cum and the speculum moves up and down. She removes the speculum and is amazed at how warm the speculum feels and she shows off all of her “cream”.

Genie Bunny is another one of “our girls” who really gets off on speculum orgasms. Genie lying totally naked on black sheets “analyzing the speculum. Genie has nice, large pussy lips (which we’re big fans of, by the way). Genie inserts the speculum deep into her pussy, using like a vibe a little at first. I note that Genie’s pussy appears “loaded with lots of white, gooey, lubrication as she opens the speculum to spread her vagina. Genie reaches for a black buzzy vibe, but doesn’t find that suitable, so she quickly replaces it with her silver buzzy vibe – and that does the trick quite nicely. It’s not long before we can actually see the creamy white goodness building up on the inside of her pussy walls. Her muscular bands are tightening then slightly releasing the speculum causing it to move up and down a bit. After a few moments, we hear Genie let out a soft little “Ah” and then we see the strong, rhythmic, contractions.

Sex kitten Jasmine is featured next. Jasmine is totally naked lying on a white duvet on her bed. Her cooch lips are completely shaved, but there is a tuft of hair across her pubic mound. Jasmine rubs her clit before reaching for a speculum. Jasmine inserts the plastic gadget into her vagina, then turns the little dial to spread her walls wide. Jasmine bounces her fingers around, firmly pressing on her clitoris. Jasmine decides to roll over onto her knees for a doggy style view as she stimulates her clitoris with the little white pocket rocket. Jasmine’s husband is filming this scene – and while Jasmine does look pretty sexy on her knees, she’s not quite able to reach orgasm doggy style. So, after trying doggy style for a bit, Jasmine rolls over onto her back once more. And, I notice that the creamy white juiciness is beginning to build in her pussy. It’s really not long at all before Jasmine is cumming – with lots of twitching and contractions. Her clit becomes quite sensitive to the vibrations of the pocket rocket too. Jasmine rides out the orgasm, gently finger pressing her clit until the sensitivity subsides. She then slowly removes the speculum – giving us a bird’s eye view of all that creamy goodness.

Genie Bunny is back with the speculum inserted for one more totally visible, up close and personal orgasm. This time Genie is doing it doggy style, and we can get a nearly perfect view of her cervix. As a matter of fact, we are so close to Genie, we can actually see the IUD string in her pussy! It really doesn’t take very long for Genie to reach another great, strong orgasm and we can see her inner walls rhythmically contracting to grab ahold of that speculum! It’s quite a nice orgasm! Genie and her partner begin to laugh, with the speculum still inserted – so we can see all the workings there, too.

(Length: 47 Minutes)

For the downloadable version, please visit our "Download" category on the left.
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