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Female Orgasm Classics Vol. 2 - Sindi's Backstage Orgasms

Female Orgasm Classics Vol. 2 - Sindi's Backstage Orgasms
We've received a lot of feedback from our loyal customers asking for our "oldies but goodies" movies to be re-created using modern technology. We've listened, and here is Volume 2 which features incredibly multi orgasmic, and only nineteen years old, Sindi. This is a backstage video taken during a photo shoot of Sindi posing, and masturbating - over and over and over again to relieve herself ... she has almost a countless number orgasms! And oldie, and truly a goodie!

** Please note - if you're looking for new movies filmed in High Definition, this movie is not for you. It has been recreated from old tapes - some of which are from the 1980's! We don't want you to be disappointed.**

This title is available on DVD and for instant download only. We did not produce a Blu-ray version as it is not in 1080 HD, and most Blu-ray players will upconvert the DVD just as well as we can.

The video begins as green-eyed Scottish beauty Sindi is being directed through a still photo shoot. One man is operating the still photo camera while a woman is operating a video camera - catching all of the action and posing. Once Sindi's button up skirt and black cropped sweater is removed, we see that she is wearing thigh-high stockings, a garter belt and sexy lace panties and bra beneath her clothing. Once the skirt and sweater are removed, we can not help but note Sindi has very large, voluptuous, natural breasts, a tiny waist and a flat tummy. The first fifteen minutes of this movie are devoted to the photographers directing her through various erotic, sexy "adult" poses - with and without lingerie. It's a very voyeuristic setting. I thought it was interesting, that once Sindi's panties were removed and we were able to see her pussy, her pubic hair is shaved and grown in the shape of a butterfly - with two "wings" going down the side of either labia. The photographers give Sindi a large wand style vibrator to use a prop in her photos. But, Sindi has a much better use for that toy! When the first part of the still photo shoot is finished, Sindi picks up a wand-style vibrator. The camera man tells her she can put down the toy, but Sindi quietly says, "No!" and continues to use the toy until she cums.:-) Her first orgasm is captured in full-body view and I don't think the cameraman was really paying enough attention to realize that she was thoroughly enjoying herself and really getting off.

After her first orgasm, we are treated to closeup views of her wet, pink and slightly swollen pussy being photographed for more stills once more. Her pussy really is glistening wet and she kneels over doggy style, spreading her labia between her fingers. Approximately another 15 minutes is devoted to more of the backstage action of the photo shoot. The camera folks ask Sindi to do more posing with wands, vibes and fingers. Some on her nipples, some are her cooch and sometimes a combination of both. The exhibitionist side of Sindi absolutely loves this! Then, the photographers let her go with the toys and she really makes full use of them! Sindi continues cumming and cumming and cumming! The true female orgasm lovers will most definitely want this movie for their collection, with it's amateur, voyeur and backstage stylings. I have never seen a young woman enjoying herself over and over and over and over again - there are more wet, naturally wet and naturally occurring, pulsating orgasms captured in this shoot than I can count! Sindi just whimpers, pants ooohhs and ahhhs from one incredible orgasm to the next. She also really enjoys stimulating her breasts in between. Some of the orgasms are captured in full body camera views, while others are closeup and almost ‘accidentally' filmed. Sindi has a great body, a "pretty" pussy that gets nicely moistened with her own juices as she moans oh-so-nicely with each orgasm. She really enjoys using and playing with the toys - her fourth orgasm is almost perfectly captured by the videographer as the camera is focused on full body until Sindi gives a little moan and the camera slowly moves in to catch lots of nice pussy contractions, really highlighting the build-up of wetness.

After using the wand, Sindi switches to a gold-tipped vibe that gets inserted deeply into her pussy before resting on her clitoris. Sindi's pussy is glistening wet and the vibes rests on her clit between the folds of her labia. I think she has another little mini-orgasm fairly quickly after switching to the vibe, but I can't be sure of that one. She pushes the vibe back into her pussy for a few good strokes before going back onto her clit and within just a minute or two Sindi is enjoying another nice, visible and fully contracting orgasm, her hips genlty rising and falling as she moans quietly.

But, Sindi is no where near finished yet - she keeps the vibe on her clit and cums yet again - all the while softly gasping and moaning. Sindi brings herself to one more nice orgasm with the vibe and smiles at the videographers as she reaches for the wand-style vibe - again! She just loves to keep cumming. Within just a few moments, Sindi cums again, but this time the camera is focused on her face as she nibbles her fingers at the moment of orgasm, then the camera moves down to her pussy where we can catch her after contractions - she is really wet! The vibe goes back down between her legs as we see Sindi having yet another orgasm - this one is in full-body view. The video lapses for a quick second to yet another orgasm - mostly focusing on her face, then panning out to a full body view of her hips thrusting and riding the toy to more orgasms!

Sindi pulls the toy away from her legs, takes a brief break and is back at it again - this time allowing her fingers to rub and dip her wetness while the toy is massaging her pussy. Sindi's head goes back in the throes of ecstasy yet another time, immediately followed by another big orgasm that is complete with lots of after twitches and contractions and wetness! The toy moves up to her breasts and nipples for a moment or two as her fingers dip-in and play with her wet pussy for a while - she occasionally licks and sucks her own juices off her fingers. Then, believe it or not, the wand makes its way back between her legs and Sindi enjoys yet another strong, contracting orgasm! This one makes her buck her legs a bit, too. Her fingers do a little more touching and rubbing before the toy goes back on her clitoris for still another nice, powerful and strong contracting orgasm! Sindi is almost yelping after this one and definitely breathless! She lets the toy stimulate her nipples as she clutches her breasts for a few moments, then she slowly moves the toy back down to her pelvis. Incredibly, Sindi cums one more time! Her high heels are digging into the bed and the camera catches lots and lots of contractions - she is so wet, her clear juices are flowing down to her bum! Sindi very gently caresses her clit and pussy for a few moments, sucks on her wet fingers and waves goodbye.

(Length: 59 minutes)
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