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Myla is a real hit with our members - she's sexy, sensual and she cums 4 times in this shoot!

In the first two scenes, she cums with just her fingers and is clearly relaxed and happy post-orgasm! She then discovers the "thingie" vibrator - she gets really sensitive during this orgasm though ...

Next, Myla finds herself wanking with a smoothie vibrator in "The Chair" and it doesn't take long before she is cumming again! She then switches location again and works her way through a couple of vibrators the "thingie" does it again!

Here's what our members have to say about Myla -

"... is awesome! The camera work, the lighting, the framing, the setting...all excellent...and Myla -- OMG! As beautiful as her face is, as gorgeous as her body is, as arousing as her orgasmic contractions were...it was her smile that did it for me. Nothing is more sexy than a woman's smile after orgasm ..."

"The fantastic about her is the natural vibe she gives; and that is what makes her so special, not to mention her sensitive clit when she orgasms...she seems to leave her clit alone and she lets it pulse while she orgasms - and that is so much of a turn on!!"

(Length: 30 minutes)
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Sopping Wet and Cumming 2
Snappers 3
Climax! 2
Sopping Wet and Cumming 2 Snappers 3 Climax! 2