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Mishka Devlin

Mishka Devlin
We here at The-Female-Orgasm.com and Femorg.com are very pleased to present another lovely new-cummer, Mishka Devlin. We think Mishka is an adorable, thin, auburn haired, twenty-one year-old, Russian sweet thing. We are very glad we were able to get to know her a lot better - and here's your chance to know her intimately, also. We just love her small, sized 32-A breasts and large, puffy nipples (-: And you're going to love her strong orgasms - sometimes she even squirts!

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Wearing her schoolgirl clothes, Mishka is undressing in the bedroom in this first scene. She loosens her tie, then unbuttons her white blouse. Once the shirt comes off, so does Mishka's black bra. She has very small, natural breasts, with amazingly puffy nipples. One of her nipples is pierced. Mishka kneels on the bed to unzip and remove her skirt. With her black panties still on, she lies back on the bed gently massaging her pussy and caressing her nipples. She slips her hand into her panties and is fingering her pussy. It's not long before the panties are peeled off and we get a good glimpse of her shaved pussy. Then, Mishka reaches for the magic wand! Very quickly she is moaning and closing her eyes to enjoy the very powerful magic wand. She gives a naughty little grin from time-to-time, also. Mishka keeps one hand firmly placed on her breast while she wanks with the wand. Arching and curling upward, she has a huge, big, orgasm with lots of contractions and a bit of squirting. She quickly turns off the toy, but has to keep a hand over her still pulsating pussy. She seems a bit embarrassed as she takes a moment to recover. Then, a lovely smile washes over her face as she gently fingers her pussy.

Mishka is thinking of having an afternoon nap. She crawls under the duvet wearing nothing but a sea foam green coloured bra and panty set. It's no time at all until her hand makes it's way to her pussy while the other caresses her breast. She sits up to remove the bra, while her bottom is still under the duvet. But, very soon, the duvet is pushed aside as Mishka reaches for the magic wand. She keeps the green panties and a pair of white bobby-socks on her feet to start. While one hand fondles her nipple, the other adeptly works the wand around those pretty panties. Mishka's hips are rising and falling with the powerful toy. She sits up to pull one leg out of the pretty little panties, licks her fingers and touches herself. Then, the wand goes back on her cooch and her hand cups her small breast. Mishka begins to "center herself", really quivering and shaking - and then she cums! This is not a squirting orgasm this time, but it is very strong, with visible contractions! Once more, Mishka takes a few moments to collect herself after such a strong moment of pleasure, then she makes herself comfy for that nap she intended.

Mishka loves Halloween and she dressed in a cute witch's costume for us. She is propped up on pillows, then her panties come off. Mishka wastes no time "going for it" with the magic wand ... this is by far and away her favourite toy. So, with her witch's hat askew, she rides the wand until she is quivering and shaking. Then, Mishka has another amazingly strong and squirting orgasm that engulfs her entire body! She is spent after this one - tossing the hat gently aside and grinning while she catches her breath. She looks down at the wet spot on the bed, then fingers her pussy gently. Mishka puts her witch hat back on then hops up from the bed with a satisfied grin!

The next scene is a closeup, or "cooch cam" view as we like to call it. Mishka is wearing a pair of striped cotton panties. Her hand is massaging her pussy both inside and outside of the panties. With white knee-high stockings on her legs, she peels off the panties as the camera angle stays fixed on her pussy. She finger rubs herself for a bit as her hips methodically rock up and down. It's not long before we hear the magic wand turn on and then we see it being placed by Mishka on her pussy. The gently hip rocking continues. Mishka's pussy begins to turn a bit more red and pink in colour. Then we hear very soft moans and whimpers from her. Her hips are moving upward and really pushing into the wand. Suddenly she is shaking all over as we see her pussy contract repeatedly in nice, strong, orgasm contractions. In typical Mishka fashion, her hand goes down in a protective gesture over her pussy while she takes a moment to recover from that one. Then one finger goes up her slit as she gently massages herself while still lightly panting. Mishka sits up after she has recovered a bit.

Wearing nothing except a tiny pair of black panties, Mishka gets comfy on the bed covered in red sheets. Mishka quickly peels off those little black panties, priming her pussy by gently finger massaging it first. Then, she turns on the magic wand ... and we know what effect it has on lovely Mishka! Propped up on the red pillows, naked with the magic wand between her legs, Mishka is quivering and shaking as she gets closer and closer to cumming. As she curls upward, the orgasm contractions take a hold of her pussy - which is now flushed a deep red color, also. She pants and smiles as her hand makes its way to her cooch. Mishka calms down, gently fingering and spreading her pussy until she is ready to make her way out of the room.

(Length: 38 minutes)

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