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Jane Cums Again ( 2 DVDs)

Jane Cums Again ( 2 DVDs)
Jane is back for her second shoot – lots of nice and clear pulsating orgasms as she gets herself off with her fingers. And she is multi-orgasmic too!!

Jane really “the girl next door” and wants to keep a level of anonymity so she didn’t want her face to be shown too much, just like in her last shoot where she wore a blonde wig. Although there are some glimpses of her face, the shoot really focuses on her body and it’s reaction to her pussy pulsating orgasms!

She starts out stripping out of her clothes and playing with her hardening nipples. Slipping a hand into her panties, she gently massages her shaven pussy before pulling off her panties and settling down on the couch. She spreads her legs and plays with her clit (nice clit ring!) with her fingers. Spreading her lips apart with one hand, she rubs her exposed clit with the other. She then puts one finger into her pussy and moves it around a bit – you really can her the “little wet noises” as her finger moves in and out!

Jane gets a bit more serious and starts to rub her now-hard clit more rhythmically and it doesn’t take much longer until her pussy starts pulsating as she cums … and she gets goose bumps too! She really does have nice and clear orgasms!

Jane walks into the bedroom and strips out of her top and skirt. She plays around in her black satin lingerie before taking off her bra and playing with her breasts and nipples again. Her panties come off next before she lays down on the bed, knees up and legs spread. She starts to rub her clit – she seems to like to rub with two fingers and you can really see her clit ring adding extra stimulation as she rubs … she gets serious quite quickly and doesn’t take too long before she starts panting again and cums hard! Great contracting orgasm close up!

The camera pans out as Jane continues to stimulate her clit, showing a fully body view as she gets herself close to cumming again … and it doesn’t take long at all – nice strong orgasm contractions again and a full body view of her cumming!

Jane decides that she’s going to cum twice again! Lying in her bed, she pulls back the covers, takes of her negligee and gently caresses her body. One hand moves down to her pussy while the other plays with her breasts and nipples. She starts playing with her pussy, wetting her finger with saliva to get things started … After a bit of pussy play, Jane starts rubbing her clit with her fingers again before reaching for a smoothie vibrator. She inserts the vibe and wiggles it around a bit while she continues to rub her clit. She is obviously getting quite aroused :-) and gives up the vibrator to resume her finger masturbation until she cums again! Jane continues rubbing and cums yet again!!

Jane clearly prefers finger masturbation to toys, and her pulsating orgasms prove it. She has nicely visible contractions every time in this mix of close up and full body multi-orgasmic views!

BONUS DVD: Get a second DVD with the footage from a stationary cam – there are some great scenes of her abdominal contractions as she cums, and even clearly visible contractions from a different angle!

(Length: 45 minutes)
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