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Ivy Hills - Juicy

Ivy Hills - Juicy
We're pleased to introduce brunette, self-filmer, and new-cummer Ivy Hills. Ivy is a 34 year-old wet, juicy, gooey and orgasmic woman who has been enjoying self pleasure since she was 8 years-old. She has excellent, strong, and wet orgasms. She prefers using her fingers to toys, but will occasionally turn on her pink and white vibe - just for us!

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Wearing nothing at all, Ivy has her camera ready to go in her bedroom. We catch a glimpse of Ivy's tan lines and small, perky, natural breasts as she makes herself comfy on the bed. With her head slightly propped up, she begins to finger rub her clitoris. Ivy dips her fingers into that very wet vagina and we can hear the juices. Ivy's more into clitoral stimulation and slow methodical rubbing. She does finger spank her clitoris rather firmly and frantically for a moment while getting herself warmed up. She also dips one long middle finger deep into her pussy, pulling out the juices to lick them off her finger. Ivy continues to massage her clitoris. Her breathing is beginning to intensify. She strokes and rubs, pulling up and back on her mound as she slowly massages her pussy and clitoris. With her head lifted up and off the pillows and her legs pulled up and off the mattress, Ivy is getting close to cumming - and the juices are building and pooling at the end of her vagina. Ivy pants, tipping her back from time-to-time. With two fingers firmly pressing and massaging her pussy, Ivy gasps and cums. Her legs quiver and her bottom puckers as she snaps through a nice, visible, perfect, orgasm. Ivy does not stop the slow rub until she has ridden that orgasm all the way! She plants her feet back down on the bed, and licks her juicy wet fingers before sitting up to turn off the camera.

Sauntering naked, once more, back into her bedroom, with her camera in the ready to record position, Ivy Hills wastes no time getting doggy style in front of the lens this time. With her tan lines on display, Ivy begins a slow middle finger rubbing of her clitoris. After a bit, she reaches a hand around to massage her anus before going back to her clitoris. She is getting juicy wet and strings are visible when she pulls her fingers away briefly. With a firm, two finger rub and massage, Ivy begins to pant, hiss and moan - quietly, but audibly. We can hear the wetness building as she wanks. She gets wetter and wetter, then smacks her clit with three fingers for a bit, then goes back to the firm two fingered massage and flick move. All the while, her bottom is tugging and pulling and getting ready. Firmly pressing in a side to side motion, Ivy cums! Hard! Lots of nice, strong, hard, tugging and pulling contractions all around her anus and perineum. And she pulls her juicy string down with her finger.

The third scene begins with Ivy spreading her cooch lips wide apart with nice manicured finger nails. Her pussy is already dripping wet from the shear excitement of filming herself cumming. As she gently finger rubs her clitoris, the little bead of pussy juice begins to drip right down to her anus. She squeezes her fingers and her legs together, gently, around her clitoris, dripping the juices all the way down, now past her anus. And so Ivy continues with the slow, deliberate, methodical finger massage and assault on her clitoris and the juices just keep on flowing. Her cooch begins to redden and her labia begin to swell a bit. Occasionally, she pauses to lubricate her clitoris with her natural pussy juices, getting closer and closer as her orgasm builds. She takes her time, stroking along each side of her clitoris, too. With just one finger going 'round and 'round, Ivy lets out a "Oh" moan. Then pauses and spreads 'em again, pulling her pussy lips to the side with one hand while the other works on her clitoris. Ivy pants, then stops, then slaps her clit, then goes right back to the two finger side to side massage. The trail of pussy juice down to her anus is still glistening and apparent. Massaging, Ivy simply says, "Yeah." as her orgasm over takes her. Again, it's a wet, obvious, strong, contracting orgasm. She gently spreads the juices.

Ivy is standing, totally naked, in the bathroom for this scene. The camera is perfectly positioned beneath her, looking up as her long curly hair cascades downward. Ivy is finger rubbing her bald pussy and clitoris - and her pussy cat is meowing a little in the background. Ivy's not at all deterred or put off by the cat's meowing. And Ivy continues the pussy massage while standing :-) This is an interesting perspective, because as Ivy leans over the camera, her flat tummy, small, natural breasts and perky nipples are also visible in frame. With just one finger firmly working her clitoris while the other hand pulls her lips wide, Ivy is beginning to gasp and pant. She leans back a little bit and a huge bead of pussy juice starts to drip right out of her vagina - and continues a fall to the floor as her orgasmic contractions take over. With one bead having fallen to the floor, another big stringy, juicy, bead of pussy juice free flows right out of her vagina! Wow!

For the next scene, Ivy is back in the bedroom, naked, lying back with her head propped on a pillow and finger massaging her pussy for what we like to call a bit of an "orgasm denial". She uses one hand to fondle and tweak her breast and nipple - stealing glances at the camera as she goes. As Ivy scrunches and massages her clitoris and pussy, the juices begin to build in her vagina. She is glistening wet. Ivy rubs and rubs and gets herself sooooo close to cumming - but she stops before she goes over the edge. She has to stop the massage long enough to recover, then she goes back to a nice finger rub - getting herself right to the edge of orgasm again - which she stops just in the nick of time again. Ivy starts the slow finger rub once more and the juices are building and pooling and beginning to run. She is panting as she rubs. She slows down the action, then puts her head back onto the pillow again, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing. Frantically working her clit with one finger, Ivy curls upward off the pillow, licking her lips as she continues the focused massage. Saying, "Ah. Ah. Ah." Ivy has a big orgasm that throws her head back onto the pillow as her pussy contracts and contracts. It takes her a few moments to catch her breath after that one. She reaches behind one of her legs, lifting it up and off the bed as she plays with her juices, licking her fingers.

Back in the bathroom and resting just on the edge of the toilet seat, Ivy Hills is going to cum with a toy this time! She is using a pink and white vibe, focused all around the tip and side of her clitoris. It must feel very good as Ivy closes her eyes and tosses her head back every now and then. Ivy spreads her cooch lips apart, working the toy around in circles on her clitoris. And her pussy is getting very wet!! There's a nice pool of moisture building in her vagina. Her lips are beginning to turn pink and swell a bit, too. And then the big, strong, tugging, pulling contractions are obvious visible as Ivy has yet another orgasm. When she pulls the toy away and leans back, a big, long, juicy string of her juices flow right down to the camera and floor as she leans over the camera dribbling ;-O

(Length: 52 minutes)

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